Customer Care & Support

SCL Sales Ltd - Your Outsourced Sales Partner

Our areas of competency cover a wide spectrum of services. We adapt our approach based on individual projects and build specific campaigns using our core service offering as a framework.

Sales customer support

Customer Care

Our dedicated customer care team works hand in hand with our clients to ensure a seamless integration of the products we provide. We offer a variety of care channels to our customers such as inbound voice or call back requests, email, live chat and in-person courtesy calls. Our experienced team is fully focused on achieving the key success factors which are important in the delivery of the service for our clients.

Candidate Vetting

A central theme to the selection of our clients is making sure that our service fits their needs. Through the use of our CRM, we meticulously screen each and every candidate to ensure a highly valued service is on offer to the right client and a bespoke sales process is delivered to meet the client’s needs.